onsdag 29 april 2009

ZeroPoint , Enlightenment and A Higher Path

Consciousness was designed and developed and it is related to the (five) senses and the Mind and specifically more...how Energy is created within and as the Mind. Now, within this – it exist as a pyramid from a certain perspectives but actually a ‘hive’, because it is circling.
And you as a being, or within a group of beings that has a particular belief are on the side of the ‘hive’ here, making your way up to the ‘ultimate-point’ which is this ‘Eye’ that’s there at the top – to become the ‘Elite’, the ‘Ascended-One’s’, the ‘Special-One’s’, the ‘Master’s’ = that desire is very deep, the “saviour of those that do not understand, because you do understand ‘better’”, “your knowledge is ‘more’”, “you are better in seeing”, “your are ‘better’ in understanding” = that whole thing exist in every human-being and that dishonesty is Vast, http://www.desteni.co.za for complete document less